Cyclone Hudhud was the strongest tropical cyclone of 2014 coming ashore in Children of Faith's hometown of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradash, India. With peak winds of 175 km (109 mph), we are thankful that all of our kids and staff remained safe through this terrible storm.

Our founders and directors, Anand and Rosie, stayed at orphanage throughout the storm to be with the children. They all huddled in the second floor of the main building, because the wind was blowing water into the first floor. The wind tore off the roof of the orphanage's dining hall, destroyed windows in both the newly-finished boy's dorm and in the main building and destroyed all of the trees in the children's garden.

While we are thankful to Children of Faith supporter Otis McAllister for a plentiful supply of rice, food prices for vegetables and protein sources have skyrocketed after the storm. In addition to warm thoughts and prayers, Children of Faith needs your help. Consider a donation today to help us recover!

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Boys’ Dorm

$31,050 Raised 2 Donors $39,500 Goal

The boys’ dorm, which we began construction on last October, is moving quickly towards complet