Our 20th Anniversary Gala is over, but you can still be part of the celebration by contributing.

Rosie and young student reading over a workbook

Providing For Our Children’s Physical & Emotional Needs

The healthy development of the children is the primary concern at Children of Faith. Three hot and healthy meals help children grow and flourish. With the help of donors, our home has filtered water, regular vision checks and doctor visits. Going beyond the physical is the emotional support and care provided to ensure our children thrive, all because of the support you give us.

Before coming to our home, many of the children never had hot, nutritious meals a day.

At Children of Faith, our children’s healthy development is a priority. More important than quantity is the quality of the food they receive. Three nutritious hot meals are served every day, including quality rice, fresh vegetables and fruit, and ample protein to help the children grow and stay healthy.

Our home environment also provides a good role model for healthy habits. Meal and snack times teach sharing and socializing skills. We also go one step further – teaching our children the importance of having a balanced diet to support them as they grow toward independence.

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Providing Care That Matters Most

Rosie Thandu leads the children in an activity at the Children of Faith Home

More than just a healthy body

Emotional support and nurturing round out the home’s care. Devotion time is a part of each day, and Rosie and Anand assure the children learn moral and ethical behavior so they can be model citizens as adults.

young men at children of faith play yard playing volleyball

Outdoor play & exercise

The Home’s grounds include play equipment, basketball and volleyball nets, grassy fields, and a newly paved area that provides ample space for play. Activities are scheduled each day, including games and sports, to cultivate healthy habits as well as good sportsmanship.

a young woman holding a young smiling boy on her hip

Connecting to community

Efforts are made to keep the children connected to their communities. Sometimes, a family situation improves, allowing children to return to their community, bringing with them healthy habits and appreciation for education.

Help us continue to meet the physical, emotional, & spiritual needs of our children

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Two girls chatting and enjoying lunch

Suggested donation amount: $50

Can help buy rice to feed all the children in the home for two days, or buy enough vegetables for one child for the whole year.

man shopping for food at local market

Suggested donation amount: $100

Can help buy a chicken and fresh fruit dinner for all 120 children, or buys eggs three times a week for all children for one month.

Children of Faith boys on a field trip to the beach

Suggested donation amount: $250

Your donation can buy a trip to the beach for the day for all the children, or buys a ping pong table for the children’s home.