Update: As our children are returning to the home from their villages, we still need continued support in feeding the community and preparing our children for the new year.

young boy playing on the swingset

Make a Commitment to Sponsor a Child With an Ongoing Contribution

Through a sponsorship and your ongoing support, you can help us provide shelter, nourishment, healthcare, education, and clothing to a child in need. You can provide a source of security in an insecure world. By making a commitment to one special child, you can sponsor that child until he or she grows to become self-confident, capable, and independent.

As part of your sponsorship you will:

  • Be paired with an individual child.
  • Receive letters and an image from your child.

Where Your Money Goes

For every $1 received, a full 94¢ goes to vital charity work, 6¢ goes to growing awareness and our funding.