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A Home Where Every Child Matters

Children of Faith Missions is a non-profit organization providing a home for some of India’s poorest children since 2003. We are preparing them for a better future by promoting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of the children in our care.

a sunset view of the main Children of Faith campus with hills in the background

Everything We Do Is Guided by Our Core Values and Beliefs

Every Child Has Value

Every child on this planet matters. Every child is a child of God and is equally as important as any other person. Each deserves to be loved, so when a family or community cannot or will not provide for a child’s needs, doing so becomes the responsibility of good people everywhere. We meet this obligation for some of the children from around our home in Visakhapatnam, India. See our values in action

Support Those Who Support Children in Need

Global issues impact individual lives. We cannot all be in India to put a bandaid on a child’s scraped knee or help them with their homework. However, we can all be part of Children of Faith’s effort by supporting Rosie, Anand, and their staff through prayer and contributions. Support Children of Faith

A Lasting Home

We are working to make Children of Faith a place for children to thrive for years to come. We have plans to expand and improve our home. We are always investing in new equipment, tending our gardens, and outdoor play area. To help our efforts, we are building relationships with groups that can bring visitors to the Home to teach new skills and bring new insights to our organization. See our financial accountability

A Place to Call Home for the Children of Visakhapatnam

Children of Faith is located in Vi Vedullanarava in the city of Visakhapatnam, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. “Vizag” is an industrial city on India’s eastern coast. Our children come from the city and the surrounding area. They are orphans, semi-orphans, or neglected children. Others come from families that are unable to provide basic necessities. Many were living in slums and had little or no access to school.

a group of young girls from Children of Faith with hands in the air with Rose and a visitor
Map of the world with location of the Children of Faith chairty in the US and the home in India
Walnut Creek, CA
Visakhaptnam, India
Rosie and Anand Thandu co-founders of Children of Faith Missions

A Remarkable Journey for Rosie and Anand Thandu

Anand and Rosie Thandu, founders of the Children of Faith, were members of the Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church in 2002 when they felt called to help a few poor children in India get a good education. Educated and working in the US at the time, they found themselves moving back to India to provide a stable home in 2007 for those children.

With support from many friends in India and the US, the program has grown from just five children at the beginning, to providing shelter, nourishment, healthcare, education, and clothing to 120 children ages 6-21.

A Growing Home

Today the campus includes two three-story buildings, providing housing for the children and staff and a separate building for meals. A new kitchen is planned, as well as a new school to be built in partnership with the Home. Older children are pursuing their education in engineering, nursing, teaching, accounting, hotel management, and more. Some graduates are now operating their own businesses, or have good jobs across India and overseas.

Boys are playing cricket in front of a Children Faith dormitory

Get to Know the COFM Team

Children of Faith Missions is led by a US.-based, independent Board of Directors and dedicated local leadership in India.

Become One of Our Partners

Our partnership with sponsors, whether corporations or churches, make it possible for Children of Faith Missions to do its work.

Otis McAllister
Kids Against Hunger
Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church

Learn more about our partners and discover how to become a partner with Children of Faith Missions

Financial Accountability Is Important to Us. It Is Key to the Sustainability and Security of Children of Faith Missions

Children of Faith Missions is proud of its long-standing reputation of maintaining fundraising and administrative costs below the national average. For every $1 received, a full 94¢ goes to vital charity work, 6¢ goes to growing awareness and our funding.

Children of faith missions sources of donation

Sources of donations

1. Individuals61%
2. Church and other Institutional Investors27%
3. Corporate9%
4. Events3%
Children of faith missions use of donation

Use of Proceeds

1. Food28%
2. Salaries25%
3. Other education expenses19%
4. Maintenance12%
5. Capital Projects13%
6. Other 3%

As stewards of public trust, we hold sacred our obligation to our donors and the public to transparently report our financial activities. We embrace this ethic and provide our most recent audits and IRS Form 990.

Keep up to Date with Our Work and Be Part of the Journey

Receive updates to learn more about what is happening at the home. Share in the accomplishments of our children and follow the progress as we grow and improve the Children of Faith home.