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Read about the trip to the Zoo and Beach in our students’ own words!

Trip to the Zoo and Beach

by: K-Snehalatha, 9th grade


“On February 17th, All of our School students went to Indhira Gandhi Zoological park and R.K. Beach in Vizag. We saw so many animals like zebras, giraffe, monkeys, snakes, Bengal tiger, white tiger, Lion, Deers, Sambar Deers, Hippopotamus, Bears, Hyenas, Leopards, Rhinoceras, Elephants, yaks, star tortoise, inguvanas, forest cat, forest pigs, and we saw birds like parrots, owls, sans, ostrich, Emu, and its eggs also we saw peacocks, white peacocks, yellow parrots, African grey parrot and ducks. etc. We enjoyed our lunch tiger rice. and we took so many pictures with mummy’s phone and with camera, and we celebrate Ramesh Sir Birthday and mummy buy for us ice-creams, biscuit packets and (pappu undalu) and we went to R.K. Beach and we play so many games like Kabbadi, Hide and seek etc. and mummy buy for us murisala mixture. and mummy took our pictures. we enjoyed to see the beach waves, ships boats and good climate etc. We praise God with songs in the bus and we came back to our home. We enjoyed very well. Mostly in these animals I like deers because it is looking like one village. It is so nice. In birds i like the yellow parrots. It is so nice. I enjoyed very well this zoo and beach trip. We are unexpectantly went to the zoo trip. First I thank to God and then mummy and daddy. I will never forget this trip. Thank you mummy and daddy.”

A handwritten description of trip to Zoo and beach by a student in 9th grade.

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Trip to the Zoo

By: Satish.K, 8th grade


“It’s a shiny and bright day. We all the students went to the zoo. In bus we all singing songs together. Boy and girls playing Anthaksari and we reached the zoo at 11:25AM. and We took pictures in the front of animals, we enter to zoo and firstly saw swan it was swimming in the water. The swan color is white it shines very bright, and next we saw hippopotamus it is very sleeping in the lake water. next we saw monkeys. The monkeys Jump from one tree to another tree. The monkeys tail is very big and strong. And next we saw wild cats. It’s sleeping in the shadows of the tree. The tiger walking around the caze. From there we directly go to the R.K. beach and we are playing Kabbadi and ate moori mixture and take picture and video. Ramesh Sir stopped the traffic for us. We safely reached the hostel. I enjoyed the trip.”

A handwritten description of trip to Zoo and beach by an 8th grade student in India

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