Our 20th Anniversary Gala is over, but you can still be part of the celebration by contributing.

We’re Celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year!

We’re looking forward to the next 20 years of transforming the lives of needy children in India.

In honor of our 20th Anniversary we are building a new kitchen/dining hall. With your help we can complete this project. If you missed our Gala you can still help us out.

Take a look at a few memorable moments from our Celebration

All the photos are coming soon!

Thank you to everyone who made our Gala successful, especially our Event Sponsors

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Children of Faith has been transforming lives of children in India for 20 years. Help us Continue this Legacy.

In 2003, Rosie and Anand Thandu were living and working in California. Feeling blessed by their opportunities, they decided to help others in Anand’s home state of Andhra Pradesh. They began COF by providing financial support from afar to 12 children.

Rosie and Anand soon realized that more was needed to truly impact the children’s lives. So, in early 2004, they built a small home where the children could get the support they needed to succeed in school. Anand’s brother, Johnson, moved in and oversaw the operation of this Home; they called it “Children of Faith”.

Receiving better nourishment, care, and support with their studies, these children thrived. Not long after the small home was established, a nearby children’s home closed its doors, leaving 50 children with nowhere to go. Touched by this need and inspired by the success of their small home, Rosie and Anand felt called to take in the additional children. Realizing the magnitude of their mission, they made the decision to relocate back to India to better oversee the Children of Faith home, which quickly grew to over 100 children.

From humble beginnings, Children of Faith has built a legacy, impacting the lives of over 1000 young people so far. Many graduates have pursued careers in nursing, engineering, business, technology, and beyond, while others have begun raising families or pursuing opportunities abroad.

College students gather to celebrate their accomplishments at Children of Faith in India
Rosie, the founder of Children of Faith with the first 5 children to  be part of the Home

children with a teacher at the Children of Faith Home in India

Help is needed to plan our celebration

If you love a good party and want to work with us to plan a super celebration please contact Children of Faith using the button below. We need help in all areas, ticket sales, decorations, program planning, publicity and more.

Help us make our celebration memorable!