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Recent Weddings of Shanthi and Niamusha

Niamusha was so happy on her Wedding day!

Children of Faith celebrated two beautiful Weddings recently. India weddings have a reputation for being wonderful affairs and these Weddings were no exception.

Manasseh and Shanthi

On November 26th Shanthi U married Manasseh in a lovely ceremony. Manasseh has is own small shop selling groceries and they are living just a half hour from the children’s home. Several of the children were able to join Shanthi celebrate her marriage. It is good they live nearby so Shanthi can visit often.

Niamusha married Narasimha on December 12th in a lovely ceremony. He is land surveyor, a very good job and he comes from a prominent family. They are living near his family about an hour and half away from the home. Niamusha was so happy on her Wedding Day.

Rosie and Anand Thandu with Manesseh and Shanthi at their Wedding
Niamusha and Narasimha with Rosie and Anand Thandu at Niamusha’s Wedding

The Indian arranged marriage tradition may seem foreign to many in the US but it is the accepted practice in India. As the girls who have grown up in our home reach marriageable age we find that the high quality education they have received gives them many good options for marriages. We are committed to keeping in touch with girls once they have left our home and married. We are thrilled when they become mothers themselves, committed to caring for and educating their children as they have been. We celebrate our growing family, and hope you will too.

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