As we reflect on the end of this year, we want to Thank everyone for their continued support of our children, here at Children of Faith Missions.  We thank God everyday for the blessings that your support make possible.  Our children are healthy, happy and receiving a good education.  The 10th graders’ test scores this past year were better than ever before.  Our teachers are working hard and the education that our children are receiving will surely help them succeed in life.  Our staff at the home, the caretakers in particular, have now been with us many, many years, helping to create a loving family atmosphere, which builds in our children a sense of security and confidence they so desperately need.  Your prayers and financial support have made all of this-and more-possible.

But as we look to the New Year, our costs will continue to rise, and we are requesting a modest increase in our sponsorship rates for 2017-just an additional $% per month!  This is our first increase in many years, despite rising staff costs and increased teaching needs.   If you make your contributions through PayPal or a bank transfer, please remember to make the necessary changes to assure we continue to receive you needed support.  It helps us if you indicate the name of the child you sponsor on your payment as well.

Please continue to pray for all of us as we will keep you in our prayers.  Blessings to you for the Christmas Season and the upcoming New Year.