Anand Thandu is on his way back to India. Read about his 5 week visit to the US.

Children of Faith Food Distribution Event

Men and women with supplies at Grocery Distribution event in India

Children of Faith has distributed food this week to more than 250 families and local villagers. Recipients were very grateful for the much-needed rice, lentils and other staples. People traveled on foot or motorbike to collect the groceries and carry them home to their families. This support has touched hundreds of lives.

Men on a motor bike transport supplies from Grocery distribution event in India

Thanks to our generous donors we are able to help feed our neighbors and children’s families who are out of work during this surge of COVID-19, including many elderly and grieving people in our community. In rural areas such as ours, many people continue to fall sick, unable to get needed treatment at local hospitals because of equipment and staff shortages. We keep in close contact with our children, while they are back with their extended family, to assure they have sufficient food and any other care they need.

The school year should be starting now, but we do not know when the children will be able to return to our Home to begin the new academic year. They miss their classmates and teachers, and are anxious to return to their studies. Our usually busy home is too quiet, we miss the children more than we can say!

There is more to be done to sustain our community during this crisis. Please help if you can. A $50 donation will buy enough groceries for a family for a month.

Thank you! We couldn’t do our work without your support!

COF Food Distribution during COVID Crisis

You can help with our effort, contribute to our COVID Fund and keep us in your prayers.

We are providing financial support to many families to help them buy food and pay rent. We are buying groceries for over 200 families. Only $50 is needed to feed a family for a month.

Give $50 to help support the families of the children at Children of Faith

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