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Rosie has returned to India

Rosie wants to Thank everyone for a wonderful trip to the US after more than 3 years since her last visit…

"This trip has been amazing and very successful. I can't believe how much I was able to accomplish with help from friends, board members and supporters. The love and warmth I felt while visiting was reinvigorating. It was so good to see people in the US, some of whom I have know for 22 years. I also had a chance to make new friends and I am so glad my family in the US keeps growing bigger and bigger, just as our COF family in India grows too. I am so excited to see the future of our COF ministry, we have added new young board members and I've met with several new churches who want to support our work in India. This trip was the first time I've been to Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington. I have seen the hand of God in each and every detail of my trip. Its been a miracle that I remained healthy during the 6 week trip and I am grateful to the children in India who have been praying for me and doing their best while I was away. As I head back and 'change my hat' back to being a 'Mommy' to 120 children I am so glad I got to have some fun, and that I was shown so much love, my heart is full."

Rosie Thandu Founder of Children of Faith
— Rosie Thandu

A few words from Anand on how it was for him while Rosie was away….

It was a lot of work while Rosie was away for just one parent instead of two with 120 kids! But the kids behaved well and helped a lot. We have outstanding teachers and staff and that helped as well."

Anand, founder and Director of Children of Faith in India
— Anand Thandu

Here are a few more photos of Rosie’s trip, meeting with friends and supporters

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