Our 20th Anniversary Gala is over, but you can still be part of the celebration by contributing.

Contribute In Memory of Larry Wiens

Larry Wiens worked tirelessly for causes he believed in. Among his many good works he supported Children of Faith for over 15 years, helping us transform the lives of children in India. His deep faith inspired us, he supported us with prayers, and by creating connections. The business acumen that he shared with us helped us form our vision for a school to compliment our Children’s Home.

He was particularly passionate about the education work we do and he shared our vision to build a school that would educate the children who live in our home and the surrounding community. His commitment to this mission included raising funds for the land for our school, connecting us with teacher training resources and spreading the word about our school project. He believed our school would change lives and bring financial security to our Home. We will continue to pursue his dream and build our school in his memory. Please help us carry out his vision by contributing to our Hope Education Fund.

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