Our Junior College and College Students are taking their year end placement exams already. Please keep them in your prayers

Extra Support is Needed for our Children and their Families

Our children remain with their relatives as COVID-19 rages across India. We are doing everything we can to support them and their families while they are away.

We’re distributing rice, lentils, cooking oil and more to our children’s families and our neighbors in need. Most families have experienced COVID illnesses, too many have lost loved ones, and still many are unable to work. With no end in sight for this COVID outbreak the need for additional food will continue for weeks or months.

We’re asking for $50 donations to buy groceries for a family for a month. The families are struggling to feed the children now many are out of work. Please help us with this effort.

Watch our video below to see more on your impact.

Fundraising Goal: $25,000

How Covid-19 Has Affected Children of Faith Missions

Where Your Money Goes

COF is using your donations to feed families in our community.  We can provide rice, lentils, cooking oil, and more to families in need.