Anand Thandu is on his way back to India. Read about his 5 week visit to the US.

Meet Abhishek P

Young boy at Children of Faith in India.

“My name is Abhishek I am 4th grade. I am new to COF this year. My friends in COF, G Abhishek, Emmanuel Paul and Yesanna. My favorite subject is Environmental Science. I like to play games with my friends, Kabaddi* and color. I want to become a scientist. I love to eat chicken.

My village is Lambasingi, it is a tourist place, we don’t have schools there My mother’s name is Tabita, my father’s name is Charles. I have one brother and one sister.”

*Kabbadi is a game of Ancient India, similar to tag it is played with with two teams

My sweet memory in COF is my first day of the Home

1st grade boy in Children of Faith in India
— Abhishek P.

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