Our children are preparing for their final exams, please keep them in your prayers.

Library at Children of Faith Gets Updated

The Library at Children of Faith is a favorite room for the children and an important resource for the teachers.

Jenny Gonser created the library in our home in 2014 along with help form Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church High School volunteers. Nearly 1000 books, most in English, were available to the children in this library. Jenny included a “Listening Library”, many of the books were recorded by “native English speakers”. This helps children learn pronunciation as well as content of many of the books. The library was renovated this month by Emma Passaglia, another visitor from the US. She spent days, cleaning organizing and cataloging the books. In addition she contributed many books, replacing some worn favorites and adding some exciting new books. The library now holds many more books, including in Telegu and Hindu. Thanks to Emma’s efforts the library has a fresh look.

A young boy smiles as he reads and learns about Science at the library at Children of Faith in India
Anil explores his favorite subject, science, in the library

The teachers rely on the library to satisfy the children’s curiosity. A library with books in English, Telegu and Hindu is a resource not available in most Indian schools. COF’s teachers use the library to research their lessons and send the students to the library to supplement the classroom learning.

Teachers gather around a table to learn to use the school's library in Inida
Our teachers met with Emma to learn strategies for engaging students in the Library

My hope is that this library fosters a love of knowledge and reading: having a 'sacred space' specifically dedicated to individual growth and study outside of and in addition to school is pivotal.

— Emma Passaglia

Help Send Books To Grow Our Library

I addition to books the library is a resource center for all kinds of learning. We have craft supplies and “Manipulatives” for hands on learning, such as math tiles. It is a bright, pleasant space for children to study and learn.

We hope to keep expanding our library. We could use your help adding more books, learning materials and supplies.

A volunteer from the United States poses with a group of boys from Children of Faith Home in India

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