Anand Thandu is on his way back to India. Read about his 5 week visit to the US.

Game Time at the Children’s Home

Children gather around a game board at the Children of Faith Home in India

Play time is a crucial part of a child’s development emotionally, socially and physically. Its about much more than having fun, it can stimulate imagination, encourage creativity and provide opportunities to problem solve and resolve conflict. At Children of Faith there is play time everyday.

Weather permitting our children climb our play equipment or engage in organized games such as basketball, cricket, badminton and volleyball.

On rainy days our children find lots of fun games to play inside….

Recently a new ping pong table was delivered and the boys helped to put it together. If you get a chance to play with our boys, you’ll find they are very good at Ping Pong, Anand has taught them well!

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