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Every Year we Have Many Applicants to Join our Home

Families wait to apply for opening at our Children's home

One of the most challenging aspects of managing the Children’s Home is selecting new children. Every year we receive many inquiries to accept new children at the beginning of each school year.   This year was no exception, we had over 300 applications for 30 openings.  It is very difficult for us to decide who gets the opportunity to live and learn at Children of Faith.  Families come to us from all over, some traveling much as 10 hours, by rickshaw, bus or train, for the chance to apply for any openings we have.   Families hear about us in various ways, mostly word of mouth, some have seen or heard of older children from our home who are doing well.  We meet with each family, we learn about their back ground, and look at their needs, and of course, we talk directly to each child.  We confirm their needs and add qualifying children to out waiting list.

Next, we begin to narrow down our waiting list, we consider any children with emergency needs, the education a child has, and which of our grade levels have openings.   Priority is given to children who are “full orphans”, meaning both parents are gone from child’s life, either deceased or abandoning the child. We have recently had applicants who have lost both their parents to COVID. “Semi-Orphans”, would be considered next, those who have just one parent available.  Each year we see children whose families have been abandoned by the father, causing a stigma and financial difficulties for the household. We also take poor children whose parents may be available but are not able to provide the child with basic needs.  Our teachers get involved and help evaluate prospective children.  This is a big help determining if the child will fit in at COF, essential for a new child to succeed. Thanks to our careful scrutiny almost all new children remain with us for at least one full school year. This selection process takes over a month.  We gather as much information as we can, interviewing the child and any parents or grandparents who bring the child to us.  And finally, we pray about our selection.

A teacher reviews applications
A teacher talks with a young applicant and her family about her education.
Yugandhar and Harshvardahan applied to our home this with the help of their Grandmother.

Two of the children we took in this year are brothers, Yugandhar and Harshvardhan.  They were brought to us by their grandmother.  Their family was abandoned by their father some time ago.  Their mother passed away suddenly from COVID last year.  They were unable to continue in school after their mother died and speak very little English.  The boys are still grieving, so we are taking special care to integrate them in to our family and school. 

Yugandhar is 14 years old, he loves to play cricket and kabbadi (an Indian field game). He has joined our 9th grade class. He hopes to be a lawyer as he is fascinated about the courts and judges. He hopes to help others by fighting for them as a lawyer.

I love living at COF, its very green with hills all around. Such a beautiful place.

— Yugandhar

Yugandhar’s younger brother, Harshvardan also loves to play cricket. He is 12 years ole and in our 7th grade class. He hopes to become a mechanical engineer and maybe work overseas. He was never interested in studying before coming to COF, but is really happy with the way the teachers are helping him.

The teachers are patient and teach me and help me understand until I get it. I'm also learning English now

— Harshvardhan

We have a vibrant, growing family at Children of Faith. Every child makes a special contribution to this family, making friends, sharing experiences and learning together. We are so delighted to have Yugandhar and Harshvardan join our family. Thanks to your support we can give them healthy meals, a good education and a loving home.

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