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Christmas Cards for Sponsors

A young boy in India shows the beautiful cards he made as a thank you to her sponsor in the Children of Faith Home in India.

Our children are grateful for the support they get from their sponsors, so they send handmade cards to thank them at Christmas and Easter. This year they put their best effort into making Christmas cards to show their appreciation to their sponsors.

Rosie Thandu brought the cards with her this fall when she visited the US. Board members Patty and Haley sorted the cards and matched them to portraits of each child to send out to each child’s sponsor.

Beautiful, colorful cards handmade as a thank you to the sponsor of a child in the children of Faith Home in India.

You could receive a beautiful handmade card as thanks for supporting a child and making our work possible. Make a commitment to help us transform lives of some of India’s most vulnerable children for just $40 a month.

Take a closer look at some of these beautiful cards….

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