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Instructions for accessing Amazon India

Thank you so much for considering a purchase off of our Amazon Wishlist! The items on our wish list are hand selected for the benefit of the kids and teachers at the school. Many items have been specifically requested, but are unavailable in local shops. The Wishlist gives us a fantastic way to access items that aren’t easy to get otherwise!

That being said, Amazon India is slightly different from Amazon United States. It can be difficult to place an order on Amazon India, and we definitely made lots of mistakes before we figured out how to work the system! Here is a list of things we learned along the way.

Those who have an Amazon account in the US may automatically be logged into their Amazon account, even when logging into Amazon.in through our web site. You will not be able to ship directly to the children’s home if you remain signed in. Signing out and back in will give you the access you need to order from COF’s wish list and ship directly to them, the only way they can receive items. These instructions will walk you through this. Just follow the steps provided and reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Again, thank you so much!

Step One: After you have clicked the link for Amazon.IN on our web site you’ll need to ensure you are signed out of your Amazon India Account.

If you have signed in to Amazon India before, your browser will keep you logged into your account. Unfortunately, this means you will not have access to the wish list. You will need to sign out in order to purchase off of our wish list.

You can tell if you are signed in based on what information is on your Amazon navigation bar. The red boxes in the above image show where to look for your information. If your information, (name, mailing address, etc) is visible in these places, you are signed in and will not have access to the wish list.

In order to sign out of your account, select your ‘Account & Lists’ drop down and click the ‘Sign Out’ button. 

Both the ‘Account & Lists’ drop down are highlighted in this image by red markings. 

When you have signed out, you will be redirected to a page that will prompt you to sign in again. Do not log in through this page! 

The page to which you will be redirected

Instead of signing in, backwards navigate to the previous page. The ‘backwards navigation’ button may look different on all browsers, but it should be on the address bar and be facing left. 

The location of the backwards navigation bar in Google Chrome for Windows 10

When you reach the main page of Amazon India, double check to make sure your personal information is not in the Amazon navigation bar. If the bar prompts you to sign in or select your address, you’ve done all the steps correctly! If not, you will need to reattempt to log out. 

The appearance of the Amazon navigation bar once you are signed out. Note that there is no personal information anywhere on this navigation bar. 

Step 2: Access the COF Wishlist and add items to your Cart

Now that you are logged out of Amazon India on your browser, you can pull up the Children of Faith Amazon Wishlist. This can be done via the link on our website or by clicking this link.

After you have pulled up the wishlist, you can browse to your heart’s content! We have lots of items available, and you can take your time picking the item that you believe would be the most helpful. Once you have selected an item, you can add it to your Amazon Shopping Cart by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

The Add to Cart button is highlighted in this image

Once you have added an item in your cart, you can ‘Proceed to Buy’. If you would like to purchase more than one item, you can backwards navigate to the Wishlist and add items until you are content.

The ‘Added to Cart’ confirmation screen- please note that the ‘Proceed to Buy’ button is highlighted.

Step Three: Sign back in to Amazon India

When you hit the ‘Proceed to Buy’ button, Amazon India will prompt you to sign in. You can do that now! Sign in to Amazon India using your normal Amazon login. 

The sign-in page to which Amazon India will send you

Next, Amazon India will prompt you to Add a Mobile Number if you have not already. Click the dropdown and scroll to your country’s area code before inputting your mobile number. Please note that Amazon India will not let you use a phone number that has already been used for another account, so if you have used your phone number for your Amazon US account, maybe use the number of your spouse, friend, or other acquaintance with their permission. 

The above image highlights the drop-down menu from which the country’s area code can be selected

Step Four: Select the Wishlist Address

The next page will prompt you to select an address. Many addresses could be available on this screen depending on which addresses you have connected to your account, but only one address will send your gift to Children of Faith. Be sure to select the address with Anand’s name and the special ‘Gift Registry Address’ designation. This designation is the only thing on the page that has little sparkles next to it, so it should be easy to find!

This image highlights the appearance of the Gift Registry Address. Note that you will not be able to view the full address for confidentiality reasons. 

Step Five: Complete Your Purchase

After you select an address, Amazon will prompt you to enter a method of payment. You can select a card already associated with your account or add a new card. You will be unable to use the Net Banking and UPI options, as those are only available to those in India with Indian bank accounts. 

If Amazon India declines your payment, don’t be worried! Amazon India can be fickle when it comes to credit cards, especially if they are distributed by a smaller bank. You can always retry submitting that method of payment, or you can submit a different card instead. We have found that ‘international’ credit cards seem to work with the least difficulty, but domestic cards from outside India can also be accepted. If you are having trouble finding a payment method that works, please contact us so we can work through the issue and find out how to send your gift.

Once you have found an adequate method of payment, you can continue to the next screen.

On this page, you can pay with pre-entered credit cards or enter a new debit or credit card. The ‘Add Debit/Credit/ATM Card’ option is highlighted in this image. Once you have selected your method of payment, you can click ‘Continue’

Once you hit ‘Continue’, Amazon India will direct you to review your cart before your purchase is finalized. Use this opportunity to double check that the ‘Gift Registry Address’ was used correctly and to make any adjustments to shipping that you find appropriate. Once you are content with your purchase, you can select the button that says ‘Place Your Order and Pay’

Note that the Gift Registry Address designation is clearly visible on this screen. When you see this screen, ensure that all information is correct before you click ‘Place Your Order and Pay’

Next, a Confirmation Screen will appear. At this point, you only have to watch your email for notifications from Amazon India! These emails will tell you when your purchased object ships and arrives at our school. You may also receive emails asking you to confirm or reattempt payment, so keep an eye on your inbox in the days after your purchase.

The post-purchase confirmation page. Congratulations, you made it!

We understand this process can be a little complex, and that makes us even more grateful for those that are willing to complete their purchases! These items will help us improve our kids’ lives even more, and we are thrilled that you would take the time to fulfill these requests.