February 2015
On February 13th, five women were blessed to start their ten day journey to visit COF. It was a repeat visit for Melinda McClure and Lise Vilas. For all five, it was an enchanting experience, complete with God’s miracles and lovely and productive time with the whole COF family. Christine Lee led medical checks of the children with Sarah Bolter, Melinda, and Donna Ewart assisting. Lise taught the four classes of non-readers the donated Zoo-Phonics program that she had memorized before the trip. During the last part of the trip, Sarah, Christine and Melinda oversaw childrens’, letters or drawings that will be sent to the sponsors. Melinda beautifully sketched the children. Separately, Lise worked with the teachers on successful teaching methods, such as using the Marcy Cook math tiles packets that she had seen used in Lafayette schools.